You are no longer with me. You are in the better world now, but you should know that you are in my heart forever and I still love you. I know for sure that we'll be together again.













at photo 8 years and 8 months old

RALFRalph was MY first dog. He has become an entire epoch for me, and life was measured like this: it was when we took Ralph, and it was when he was 2 years old. Though, later other dogs maintained this tradition, but he was the first. I would say, no other dog has given me that amount of knowledge and experience in understanding dogs' world, cognition of their nature and disposition. With him I mastered the basics of training and was assured that Ralph was a very smart dog. We could rely on him 100%; leaving home, we practically never locked the door, what for, if Ralph was at home. When walking we sometimes lost things, but Ralph always found them and one day he found a newly born kitten and handed it to me very carefully. No, he was not ideal, but was very close to it. He was a Dog with a capital letter, he never hurt new family members, but they, in their turn, were twisting him around their fingers. He tolerated all of them: kittens, puppies, white rats and other animals, and I could be sure that he would never hurt them, it couldn't be otherwise.
Thank you for having been with me.


at photo 1,5 year old

RICHEERichy - the first scotch in my life. It was she who made me a fan of this breed, and not just a fan, but made me fall in love with the breed. I was lucky that my first scotch had a wonderful character, Richy was an embodiment of the breed in this respect. This little cuning thing hated shows and while in the ring she started to "die" - dropped the tail, put down the ears, put her nose down to the floor, and dragged behind me on the doubled up legs. But as soon as we left the ring the dog completely changed - ears up, tail up, like a carrot, mischievous eyes sparkle at me from under the brows, and you can read in her face, yes, exactly in the face: so, have you got it? Haha. For me it is still an enigma how she knew when it was a real show and when it was a training, because quite often everything could take place at one site, but she knew perfectly, when it was a training where she behaved herself excellently and when it was a real work in the show ring, which she couldn't endure. Only once I managed to cheat her and we showed perfectly, though my friends were invited to the show to witness our shame, but we proudly made a round in the ring and happily won the class. Maybe, Richy decided to come to her senses, but unfortunately it was our last show.... Forgive me that I failed to save you...


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